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Unit Set-Legendary Metal Coins


Metal coins for gaming! 
Unit Coins Set: Generic metal coins suitable for all the games in your collection. Make all your games special with this coin upgrade!

Each set consists of 30 coins containing:
19 copper coins
8 silver coins  and
3 gold coins


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Metal coins for gaming! 
Our Unit coin Set (or Units shortly), is our new suggestion for generic metal coins as a great financial option to replace your dull cardboard ones.
Having smaller size and numbers on them, they can be used in all kind of games where these denominations are used. They are a perfect match for modern-age board games.

Each set consists of:
19 copper coins
8 silver coins  and
3 gold coins

Have the best currency for your games or the best and heaviest tokens!

The material used in all coins is Zinc alloy, the dimensions of the set are the following:
Copper.Diameter: 23.5mm Thickness: 31.5mm
Silver. Diameter: 26.8mm Thickness: 31.5mm
Gold Diameter: 29.6mm Thickness: 31.5mm

Designs were made by Michael Kontraros.


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