TacTiki production update

Today’s update took longer to write than expected due to some unexpected news from production. We want to share these news to you including some photos of the production samples and would also like to talk about the new delivery dates.
We’re very happy with the samples we’re received for all cardboard (boxes, rulebooks, tokens and player screens) and for the Limited edition Wooden box and player mat. Unfortunately we are not happy with the miniatures of the game and we’re currently reworking the mold.
This means the games are not going to be delivered to backers in early summer and we’re currently looking at a September delivery to ensure the quality of the miniatures.


We are sorry for the delay, we usually manage to deliver all our projects in time but we absolutely prefer to deliver you a game with no flaws (especially in something as distinctive as TacTiki’s game pieces) even if it means we will delay it for a couple of months. We hope you understand this decision and that you agree with us on that.


~Thank you for your support~

Drawlab Entertainment