Thank you for your interest in joining our Kickstarter campaign with the retailer pledge.

What we offer for retailers who’ll back our Kickstarter campaign:

– 900 of our most popular coins
– A beautiful wooden case that will catch the eye of all your customers
– 10 velvet pouches in 5 different colors (100% cotton)
– FREE Shipping

How to get our Kickstarter retailer pledge:

  • You back our campaign with the $30 Retailer Pledge. This is the only deposit you’ll need to pay before your package is ready to be shipped.
  • We get in touch with you through our mail ([email protected]) to get your business information to prepare the invoice and the shipping for you.
  • 7-15 days before your pledge is ready to be shipped we will get in touch with you and ask you for the remaining cost.


We have intentionally chosen only 6 sets available for this offer to make sure we will be able to provide you regular restocks. We will be able to provide the restocks you need (only the types of coins you’ve sold).
We plan to pre-manufacture additional coins of the 6 sets we provide so that we can ship them out within a few days after request.

Click here to join our Kickstarter campaign and select the Retailer Pledge.