We are proud of our games but we are even more proud that we are an active part of the production as well.

Drawlab Entetainment consists of Game Developers, Artists, Engineers who are heavily involved in each separate project. Even in our first-published board game project, Spells of Doom, we undertook the 3-D design, the 3D-printing and the production of the all the plastic figures and the miniatures of the game.

With our experience we are now capable of any kind of project, as we have already worked in many interesting projects in the board game industry and we are also working on some right now. Our love and the constant work have provided with the invaluable know-how of the field and we are always ready to experiment in even more fields than we already have.

The crown jewel of our effords is certainly the ability to provide high-detailed plastic miniatures of the highest quality.
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We devide the production of miniatures in six stages:

  1. Conceptual  (the first sketch of your figures, in 2 dimensions)
  2. 3D Model (the design of a 3d digital presentation of the miniature)
  3. Moldable 3D model (tranforming it in a way that can be molded)
  4. 3D printing  (the first physical form, the prototype)
  5. Mold manufacturing (Producing the mold of the miniatures)
  6. Production (actual production of the miniatures)

We are capable of taking over a project from any of these stages, and such a project can include either high detailed or even simpler ones, like plastic tokens or buildings. Despite the design we always guarantee the best quality of plastic, as we are working every game like it was ours.

Despite plastic miniatures, we can also work our way through metal.


Our expertise involves both metal coins and figures, figures can be exactly the same like a plastic model you created or something entirely new.

We can provide a range of different colorings, always in a metal plating,
including gold, silver, bronze, generic metal and many more.












We can also undertake the project either in the form of conceptual or to just deliver the 3-D designs or the production.

Another key part of the production that we are able to provide is high quality3-D printing of your designs, which we achieve with a variety of machinary.
In this way you can have a prototype of your miniatures and you will have no surprises after the whole production is finished.
Having the miniatures right from the beginning also provides you with the feeling of the final production, giving the people a good glance of what the game is going to look afterwards.



Are you interested in having awsesome componets like these in your games too?
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