Pledge Manager Guide- How to confirm your pledge for Legendary Metal Coins season 6

Hello dear backers,

We are once again very thankful for your support and want to make selecting your coins as simple and safe as possible. Therefore we are working with the best pledge manager there is (Backerkit) in order to provide you the best environment to do so. We also have prepared a guide to help you use it easily since we understand that choosing among 173 different coin options can be a bit complicated. So let’s start!


Step 1: Find your e-mail invitation

We have sent you an e-mail invitation to the e-mail associated with your Kickstarter account. It looks something like this:

By clicking on the Click Here to Respond button you will be transferred to the pledge manager where you will be asked to select your rewards

Step 2: Welcome Screen

Here you see your pledge and your pledge selection. You can also change the shipping country.

If you’re happy with all that you can click “Get Started”. If you want to change your pledge level, you can still do that by clicking on the “switch your pledge level button”.
If you are a Custom Set backer though and would like to change your main pledge please get in touch with us before switching.

After this step the options are different depending on your pledge level.

Season 6 Collector’s Coin Set
You don’t have anything additional to do, you can move on to get some Add Ons if you’d like.

Complete Collector’s Set.

If you’ve backed us for the Complete Collector’s set, you can select the free velvet pouch set you would like to get from the available options.

Single Set

If you’ve backed us for one set, you can select the set you would like to get from the available options. You can also get more sets if you’d like through the Add Ons section.


4/10/20 Sets
If you’re a backer of # number of sets you will be asked to select all the available sets. Since we want to allow you the option to select any of the RPG sets (with a double value than normal sets) we’ve done something a bit different.

As you can see above, we have left the cost of the pledge at £0 with a different cost associated with each question, summing up to the normal value of the set. This way you can choose to select 2 sets and 1 RPG set with the value promised in the campaign. For every RPG coin selected you will need to select the N/A answer in the following question.

The same applies of course to the 10 and 20 sets as well.

Custom Set

Since there are so many different options (173) that you can choose from we decided it wouldn’t be really convenient to ask you to select the coins 1 by 1. Therefore you will be selecting your coins directly from the Add On Section of the pledge manager.


If you scroll down the coin sets you will find yourself to the Season 6 Single coins (you can also click on the “All Categories” Menu Option and then “Season 6 Single Coins”).
From there you can keep scrolling and selecting what coins you’d like to get and how many of each. To add a coin more than once you can either click on the “Add to Cart” button more than once or simply adjust it from the cart on your top right.

Important: Since each coin coins £1 we have added to each Custom Set backer an additional £2 so that you can get the 21 coins for the £19 as promised on Kickstarter. Also, if you’d like to get more than 42 coins please get in touch so we can give you some additional credits for the 2 free coins you’ll get (the same applies to even bigger Custom Sets (such as 63, 84, etc).


Add Ons

Backers of any pledge level can select any coins or coin sets that we were offering during the Kickstarter campaign.

Using the new Kickstarter Add On system you may had already selected some Add Ons, so if you have have selected any bars, pouches or RPG sets you will be asked to select them. If you had added any coin sets or single coins we decided it’s easier to select them directly from the Add On section.

You can scroll around all the available options or select the category that you’d like to get to from the menu. We also have a small surprise; we are also offering our Legendary Dice Bags that weren’t part of the Kickstarter campaign but are fitting the coins really well (you can fit more than 120 coins in each of the Legendary Dice Bags).


If you’re interested in selecting an Add On more than once you can either click the “Add to cart” button multiple times or adjust it from your cart on the top right.

When you’re done adding Add Ons you click next to go to the Shipping.

In the shipping section we request you to provide us with your address. Please provide us the address that we’ll be able to reach you to in November. You will have the option of changing this later for some time so if you think it might happen please make sure you check our shipping updates and newsletter If you’re thinking of moving around that time you can provide us the address of a relative.

Finally you’ll enter the final page, in there you’ll see everything that’s included in your pledge. If you see any mistakes you can go back some steps and correct them. The final step is to pay for shipping and any addons you may have purchased and then you’ll see the final page thanking you for your pledge!
We now have all we need to make the coins and deliver you your treasure in a few months! If you’d like you can post about it in your social by clicking the Post it button below.


That’s all you need to know to complete your pledge. We know it might be a bit much but we want to make all that’s possible to help you getting the coins you want 😊
If you have any questions feel free to get in touch with us using the contact form in the website or send us a mail at

Have a great day!