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Legendary Metal Coins season 5 Gamefound pledge manager is now live

Pledge manager is live!

A pledge manager is a core element in every accessory campaign that we do, making it easy for our backers to select their coins. We continue to use Gamefound as we have found it very easy to work with and are happy with it. Click here to access it.

If you are a backer of our campaign, in this guide you will find the information on how to use the Gamefound easily to select your coins, combine pledges, add your address and order more coins. You need to access Gamefound through the personalized link we sent you in your email to connect your Kickstarter pledge to Gamefound.

If you are not a backer, you can still join the pledge manager as a late backer (starting April 29th) getting all the extras that were unlocked during the campaign. To do that click here.
Without further ado, allow us to delve deeper to the pledge manager itself.

The first think you see when entering your page through the invitation link is the opening page giving you a short intro.
On the image, at the top right you can see all the available credit that you have.

Below that you can see the 10 different categories:
Collector Sets, Element Coin Sets, RPG Spell Tokens, Legendary Coin Sets, Legendary Single Coins, Metal Bars, Legendary Dice Bags, Pouches and Retailer Pledge.

From now on, you will need to select your pledge levels from the available options.

How to Use the Pledge Manager:
This time we really simplified everything. You have available all the credit that you added on Kickstarter and can do with it whatever you want. The only difference is that if you pledge for the 4-coin-sets pledge you will be able to add each coin set for $20 (instead of $19) if you pledged for 10 sets you will be able to add them for $19 each and if you pledged for 20, you will be able to add each set for $18.
Everything is really simple. We will explore each different option below in this image-rich guide.

Within each selection you can see the product description and testimonials. To select your preferred coin set you simply click “Add to Cart”.

If you want to save some time you can select the pledge without even entering this menu. Simply click Add to Cart as many times as you want the selected pledge level. If you want a particular coin or coin set multiple times, you can just click Add to Cart once and then increase the selection to the Check Out page (more details below).

Custom Sets
Custom sets are also simplified this time. You can pick the coins you want to select from the following categories:
Legendary Single Coins or RPG Spell Tokens Singles.
To make navigation easier, we have put the newest coins on top and everything else in order by season.


Legendary Dice Bags
As a small surprise we have decided to add the Legendary Dice Bags as available Add Ons on Gamefound. This way you can receive the beautiful dice bags from our previous successful Kickstarter campaign to hold your coins into and save on shipping!

Combining Pledges & Add Ons
Lots of backers asked us to combine pledges (getting sets and a custom set for example). You can add any product you are interested in your basket.

Closing your pledge

At any time you will be able to check quickly what you have in your basket by clicking on the cart image on the top right. Whenever you are ready, you can click on the Check Out button that will take you to the cart.


In the cart you will be able to review the items you have selected, and the total weight in kilograms below.
If you want to change anything you can remove items directly from the cart or can simply head back to do so (by clicking on the View More button on the Legendary Metal Coins image on the top left).

If everything is ok, you will need to enter your address information below. When you select the country you will see the shipping cost (calculated by the weight (in KG) of your order and the country that you want us to ship the coins at).
If everything is alright, simply select Continue.

This is the final page of the pledge manager, in which you will review your full order once more and will be asked to pay for shipping and any add-ons you selected through the process.
The final balance is calculated as follows:
Sub Total: The total cost of the pledges and add-ons you selected
Shipping Cost: The shipping cost of your order as calculated from the KGs of the order and your country
Credit Discount: The amount of funds you have already paid us through Kickstarter. This is reduced from the Sub Total and Shipping Cost Sum.
Total: The final amount that you still need to pay.

To complete payment, you will be asked to provide us your credit card. The payment will be done through Stripe (the same payment system that Kickstarter used to send us the money from the KS campaign).

After that, you submit your order and you simply wait for your unique metal coins set to arrive.

If you have any questions feel free to get in touch with us at [email protected]

Link to the pledge manager.