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Legendary Dice Throwers news and updates

Our  Legendary Dice Throwers Kickstarter campaign started strong on Friday, but slowed down for the weekend. We have been getting only great reviews and we are confident that, using a few aces we have on our sleeves, we will have a really strong second week.

But let’s see what Kictraq thinks.

Today’s Kicktraq graph

In case you are not familiar with Kicktraq, it is a Kickstarter-related website dedicated to producing cool graphs for every single Kickstarter campaign. Check out more graphs for our campaign here.

Board Game Breakfast- Tom Vasel Review

Today is the beginning of the week, and all gamers having their BoardGameBreakfast will have a chance to see our Legendary Dice Throwers in action.
Tom loved them, and speaks very highly about them in the video below.


That’s all for today. We promise a few surprises in our Legendary Dice Throwers campaign soon. Very soon!