2-4 players

15-25 minutes

Ages +14

You are the most complete wizard the world has ever seen. You have travelled through time and space learning new techniques, mystic knowledge and fighting styles since the beginning of time.
And today is the day. Today you will prove your skills facing the handful of wizards who dare claim the same.
However, “since the beginning of time” now seems like a long time. You are kind of tired, your concentration seems to be poorer and your reflexes… well, they’re not what they used to be.

Witless Wizards is a fast and humorous card game for 2-4 players played in only 15 minutes. Taking elements from favorite games such as Biblios and Smash Up,it is a unique and humorous card game, ideal as a gateway game or a quick filler in a game night.

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Back in my Days…

In Witless Wizards, players are ancient wizards.
Practising their magic through time and space, they have achieved enormous power.
But time has taken it’s toll and … well, their memory is not what it used to be.

Shuffle 3 Decks to Create a Common Deck

At the beginning of the game, players collectively choose 3 of the available decks to create a common deck. During the game all players will draw cards from this deck to equip themselves and their opponents.
Maybe it’s time to try the Samurai Sci-Fi Wizards this time!

During the course of the game, each wizard will have to equip themselves and one opponent, each with a new card.
After drawing the first card the wizard has to decide if they plan keeping that card or giving it away. Then, the next card has to follow the opposite path.
Be careful though! If you receive a card you have to keep it even if that means that you have to discard the previous, stronger card of the same type.
At the end of every round, the wizard has to attack on of their adjacent opponents and prove once and for all who is the strongest wizard of all.
At least for as long as we can still remember it.


Designer: Chris Marling
Illustrations: Asterman Studio

1 Rulebook,
4 Player Boards,
40 Equipment Cards
1 Custom Dice
30 plastic gems
…..and too many puns and jokes.


Greek / English