3-10 players

30 minutes

Ages 14+

You might have heard that saying about people’s opinions. Well, it is true, at least partially. People hold all sorts of opinions about things they deem important. But they don’t necessarily agree on the importance of things.

Say Whaaat?!, then, can be said that is wholly dedicated to exploring our individual points of view on various subjects, while playing and having fun with friends and family.

In Say Whaaat?!, we are going to be asked about a number of various things, ideas and concepts and one of us each round is going to secretly rank these in order of importance. Then the rest of the players are going to try and guess our ranking.

We definitely recommend Say Whaaat?! not only as a fun party game, but a great conversation starter as well!



Say Whaaat?! comes with two exciting game modes: Standard Single Player Mode and Pairs Mode, to ensure countless hours of fun and longevity of the title at your table!


The basic way to enjoy Say Whaaat?! is in single player mode, that is, every player gets to be once the Judge and rank concepts while the rest of the players, the Guessers, try to guess their ranking. Points are scored for each correct guess and the Guesser with the most correct guesses is awarded an extra point.

But that is not all, we have included another mode for you! In Pairs Mode, only playble with an even number of players, the players are grouped in pairs and in every round we are going to have one Judge from each pair and their pair is going to act like the Guesser. Then, points are assigned to each pair of players. And the roles are reversed for the next round!

These two exciting game modes will surely increase not only the fun of the Say Whaat?!, but also the replaybility of it.


Designer: Mike Petty

108 double-sided cards (216 words)
2 Empty Cards
1 Scoring Board
10 Scoring Meeples
50 Scoring Cards(5 in each player’s color)


Greek / English