2-4 players

30-45 minutes

Ages +10

Everyone loves the glamorous cinema life. In Motion Pictures: movies out of cardboard, you manage your own studio, treating each type of project with a different approach. Hire new Filmmakers and shoot new Movies, TV-series and Commercials to gain Fame and establish your studio with the public.

Motion Pictures is a card game that uses a hand management mechanism with strong set collection and deck building elements.


The strategy card game of movie making.

Motion Pictures offers many paths to Fame and stardom. Will you use your best director and star to shoot a new blockbuster or will you go for easy money making commercials?Will you invest in equipment or will you shoot b-movies?And which awards are you going to claim?

Motion Pictures is suitable for 2 to 4 players, ages 10 and up and each game lasts about 30 to 45 minutes.

Live the experience of running a movie studio and claim Fame beyond measure.

At the beginning of the game, there are several available projects for the players to compete in.
Every turn a player can choose between three actions: shoot, hire and recast.
While shooting, a player places a filmmaker at an available project. If a project’s requirements are met the player places the completed project in his scoring pile.
When hiring, a player takes an advanced filmmaker into his hand from the advanced row by discarding another filmmaker of the same specialty. Advanced filmmakers have multiple skills and special abilities.
Using the recast action, a player can draw a new card from his deck by discarding any one card from his hand.

After a project is completed it is replaced by a new one from the upcoming projects pile. When the pile is depleted, players play a last round before the era is completed. The game ends after four eras and the final scoring occurs.


Designer:Alexandros Kapidakis

Rulebook, Starting player Token, 180 cards filled with art inspired from beloved movies.


Greek / English