3-8 players

15-25 minutes

Ages +8

The Queen of Hearts, ruler of Wonderland, has invited you to a tea party at the palace gardens.

Unfortunately, the Queen tends to make up strange laws. Today, for example, she has outlawed certain letters of the alphabet!

Anyone who says a word that contains them will be sent home. Will you be the last guest standing?

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Curiouser and curiouser!

Alice in Wordland is a word party game, in which players have to find a word relevant to a topic. It sounds easy but players also have to be aware not to use any of the Forbidden Letters and say the word before the music goes out!

Say a word according to the rules before the time runs out

At the beginning of the game, each player becomes one of the Alice in Wonderland characters, taking the Character card and having their abilities for the round.
The Queen of Heart chooses the discussion topic and starts the timer. Each player has to say a word or a phrase relevant to the Discussion Topic without using any of the Forbidden Letters. If a player fails to do so during their turn, they are out of the round and get the first available scoring card. At the end of the round each player gets points according to how long they lasted in the round, aka how many cups of tea they managed to drink in the party.

Every round players pass their character to the player on their left until everyone has played with all the characters.


Designer: Chris Darsaklis, Spyros Koronis
Illustrations: Asterman Studio

1 Music-Playing plastic teapot timer
1 Rulebook,
8 Character Cards,
8 Scoring Cards,
25 Forbidden Letter cards,
60 Discussion Topics,
46 tokens,
…..and a lot of tea


Greek / English