Metal coins for gaming!

Legendary Metal Coins are our suggestion for currency in all your favorite games. Enrich your gaming experience with heavy, metal coins with fitting designs to the game’s world.
Either a board game or an RPG, we have available options for fantasy or historical coin sets that will suit your game and your party.

Legendary Metal Coins are manufactured from us in house, in Athens, Greece. This allows us to give special attention to all the details of production creating the best coins that can be.We want our coins to feel Real so we make them Big, Premium and Heavy. Our coins do not have any numbers on them, so that you can give them your own denominations according to the needs of each game.

Each coin set includes 24 coins, 10 copper, 8 silver and 6 gold.
The exception to this rule are the Unit and Medieval Unit sets, which do have denominations on them and consist of 30 coins, with 19 copper, 8 silver and 3 gold.
Enjoy the selection of our 29 different metal coin sets below.

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Medieval Metal Coin Set

The Medieval Set of the Legendary Metal Coins Selection of Drawlab Entertainment, ideal for games set about the Middle-Ages or in any Fantasy game on a medieval setting. Delve into the history of  the darkest times of human history. Use coins looking like they were used in Medieval times in European feudal states. Feel like a trader looking to trade […]


Necromancer Metal Coin Set

The Necromancer Coins Set is one of the most unique metal coins we have created, more often used as tokens in games than currency because of their unique shapes. Coins a necromancer would be proud to use for his evil purposes. Use them for your rituals, summoning ancient beings having nothing more to do in […]


Far East Metal Coins Set

The Far East Coin Set of the Legendary Metal Coins is especially suited for games placed in Eastern Asia, such as ancient China. Delve into the history of  the ancient China. Use coins looking like they are thousands years old. Like they are from your favorite manga, or handled from brave Samurais. Trade to fill the […]


Orc Metal Coin Set

The Orc Coin Set of the Legendary Metal Coins is especially suited for games based in fantasy worlds and inspired by the Tolkien’s Orc lore. What do Orcs need the coins? Nobody knows. But we have discovered them in their lairs and we can see that their metallurgy isn’t any more elegant than their fighting. […]


Sci Fi Coin Set

The Sci-Fi Set-Legendary Metal Coin Set is suited for games set in a future world, a cyberpunk universe or another dimension. Jump drive into the future in any futuristic setting, either human or alien. Trade across the galaxy with the new shape and look of coinage that can be used in several ways. With unique shapes and […]

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