Metal coins for gaming!

Legendary Metal Coins are our suggestion for currency in all your favorite games. Enrich your gaming experience with heavy, metal coins with fitting designs to the game’s world.
Either a board game or an RPG, we have available options for fantasy or historical coin sets that will suit your game and your party.

Legendary Metal Coins are manufactured from us in house, in Athens, Greece. This allows us to give special attention to all the details of production creating the best coins that can be.We want our coins to feel Real so we make them Big, Premium and Heavy. Our coins do not have any numbers on them, so that you can give them your own denominations according to the needs of each game.

Each coin set includes 24 coins, 10 copper, 8 silver and 6 gold.
The exception to this rule are the Unit and Medieval Unit sets, which do have denominations on them and consist of 30 coins, with 19 copper, 8 silver and 3 gold.
Enjoy the selection of our 29 different metal coin sets below.

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Japanese Metal Coin Set

The Japanese Coin Set of the Legendary Metal Coins Selection of Drawlab Entertainment, ideal for games with thematic references to the rich cultural heritage of Japan. Inspired by real world Japanese motifs and designs these coins pay homage to the iconic aesthetic of the samurai era. The coins dimensions in the Japanese set are: Copper. Diameter: […]


Cthulhu Metal Coin Set

The Cthulhu Set of the Legendary Metal Coins Selection of Drawlab Entertainment, ideal for games set in the horror Mythos of H.P.Lovecraft. Experience the horrors of Cthulhu, Azathoth, and the other old ones. Fight their cultists bearing the Elder Sign on your coins and artifacts. Perhaps even summon Shub-Niggurath as her royal servant! The dimensions of the […]


Post Apocalyptic Metal Coin Set

The world has changed. Nothing is as we know it and money is no different. Play your favourite thematic dystopic games with the proper coins. Copper. Diameter: – 32mm Thickness:- 3mm Silver.    Diameter: – 32mm Thickness:- 2mm Gold .     Diameter: – 35mm Thickness:- 3mm Games where the coins can be used at: Fallout, Outlive, […]


Capitol Metal Coin Set

The Capitol Set of the Legendary Metal Coins Collection of Drawlab Entertainment, a premium medieval collection that any feudal lord would love to use in his kingdom. Serve a powerful duke in a rich duchy to receive gold for your services. Trade as a wealthy medieval European merchant with the blessings of the kings using the […]


Zombie Metal Coin Set

The zombie invasion is here, this time in the form of currency. Have coins with zombies to use as tokens in various games or perhaps even as a finance among intelligent ghouls. The dimensions of  each of the coin are the following: Copper. Diameter: – 32mm Thickness:- 2mm Silver.   Diameter: – 32mm Thickness:- 2mm Gold .    […]

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