Metal coins for gaming!

Legendary Metal Coins are our suggestion for currency in all your favorite games. Enrich your gaming experience with heavy, metal coins with fitting designs to the game’s world.
Either a board game or an RPG, we have available options for fantasy or historical coin sets that will suit your game and your party.

Legendary Metal Coins are manufactured from us in house, in Athens, Greece. This allows us to give special attention to all the details of production creating the best coins that can be.We want our coins to feel Real so we make them Big, Premium and Heavy. Our coins do not have any numbers on them, so that you can give them your own denominations according to the needs of each game.

Each coin set includes 24 coins, 10 copper, 8 silver and 6 gold.
The exception to this rule are the Unit and Medieval Unit sets, which do have denominations on them and consist of 30 coins, with 19 copper, 8 silver and 3 gold.
Enjoy the selection of our 29 different metal coin sets below.

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RPG Spell Tokens

The most elegant and beautiful tracking system to track your spell slots in popular RPG games. Use the colored side as the active side and the back side as the used side to easily keep track of the spells you have cast and the ones you still have available. Using red enamel on top of […]


Slavic Coin Set

Every year we want to make a new historical set, inspired not only by the history but also the mythology and fiction of the group we study. This time we are inspired by Slavic art and culture, using patterns, historical figures and even fantasy creatures like Zmei, to depict the slavic folklore. Copper. Diameter: – […]


Manga Coin Set

Our first set inspired directly by the manga culture, with cute but detailed coin designs inspired by both comics and Anime. Copper. Diameter: – 26mm Silver.    Diameter: – 31,9mm Gold .    Diameter: – 33,5mm Use the coins in games like: Vanguard, Pokemon Trading Card Game, Naruto Shippuden: The Board Game and many more


Drow Coin Set

Dark Elves have always had their appeal and their special designs. Get your coins to trade in the Underdark and associate with all kinds of strange creatures. Copper. Diameter: – 22,4mm Silver.    Diameter: – 31,6mm Gold .    Diameter: – 33,3mm Use to play in: Dungeons and Dragons:The Legend of Drizzt, Legends of the Five […]


Creature Units Coin Set

For the first time we have created a Unit set, that not only has 6 diefferent denominations (1-100) but it is fantasy themed! With 6 different coins and designs, you will be able to introduce this fantasy Unit Coin set in all your boardgames. Copper 1. Diameter: 20.6mm Copper 5. Diameter: 22.5mm Silver 10.  Diameter: […]

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