A guide to your Backerkit experience for Legendary Metal Coins season 7

Hey dear backer,

thank you for joining us! Here is a handy guide we put together to help you complete the pledge manager easily.
Before we dive into the specifics we want to remind you that We are not charging shipping now as it’s usual on pledge managers. We will charge shipping more accurately (and cheaper than we would charge now) just before we ship you the coins. Check out this update for more information about that.

To walk you through the process we have 2 fictional examples for you, George the Grey , who “selected 4 Standard sets during the Kickstarter campaign and Red Tonia, who selected a Custom Set. Most of the steps are the same for both but Step 3 is for George and Step 6 is for Tonia (and George because George wants to get more cool coins). 
First Step: Find your invitation (All Backers)
Everyone has received an invitation through email. You have received this in the email account that you used to back this Kickstarter but if you don’t find it there is a good chance to be in Promotion or Spam folder if you use Gmail or Junk if you use Outlook (or something similar if you use something else.
Step 2: Backerkit Welcome Page (All Backers)
The first thing you see when you accept your email is a description of your project. You’ll need to add your country and region to start the proecess. You are also able to switch pledge if you decided you want to get more coins . 
Example: John the Grey is happy with his current selection so he selects the United States as his country and sunny California as his region and clicks “Get Started to continue”.

Step 3: Select your coin sets (only for backers that selected 1 or more Standard Sets)
If you have selected multiple coin sets you will be asked to select them in this stage. There is a dropdown menu for each question with all the coin sets we have available. 

As soon as you click on a choice it will load an image of the coin set so that you can be sure that you are selecting what you want. All the brand new season 7 coins are all together at the end of the selection list. All the coin sets include 24 coins (+Stretch Goals) with the Unit coins including 30 coins (+Stretch Goals).

George the Grey selected the Forged Pirated coin set as 1 of his 4 sets. Arrr!
Step 4: Newsletter Question (All Backers)
The next question will be asked to all backers. We would love to add all of you to our newsletter list but we want to ask you first, it’s more polite this way 🙂 
Have in mind that we don’t spam, we only send an email every 2-4 weeks.

Step 5: Shipping Notification (All Backers)
This is just a reminder that you are not going to get charged for shipping in this pledge manager now but will be charged for it later, just before shipping. This is to make sure you won’t forget this if you delay completing the pledge manager or for people who didn’t read this update (not you, you’re good people).

Step 6: Add-Ons
After selecting the coins of the core pledge you can browse around all our selections to get more coins, either in sets or in bulk. You can also grab some of our velvet pouches or Legendary Dice Bags to store them in style.
Step 6-B:  Add-Ons for Custom Sets
This is where you will be selecting your coins if you bought a Custom Coin set during Kickstarter. We find it easier to select the coins in this menu rather than selecting each individual single coin through 20 different dropdown menus, each with more than 200 coin options so we built this which is much easier to navigate. If you plan to order more than 1 of any particular coin you can easily change the quantity from the menu on the right.
Red Tonia really likes those Forged Dinosaur coins!
Step 7: Confirm Shipping
We need your shipping address to arrange where to ship the coins. You also don’t need to worry If you move before we start shipping the coins. We will be able to update the address for you. 
Final Step: Confirm Order
In the final page you will see all the order details, including your pledge, your shipping address and all the Add-Ons you selected. You will need to provide us with your credit card to charge you for the extra coins that you have added and for any VAT fees if you are required to do so.  These extra costs will be charged after your pledge is locked, in about a week. 
And that’s it! If you need help to find your invite or have any questions about the process you can let us know in the Kickstarter comments section or if you have a particular question about your pledge you can email us at support@drawlab.com
Thank you for supporting our Kickstarter campaign,
Drawlab Entertainement