• Pledge Manager for the Legend Metal Coins is live.. and now available for late backers!

      Through the pledge manager you have the opportunity to join our campaign and pre-order our metal coins, both the new sets and some of our classic ones. Your orders are going to be fulfilled at the same time of our backers but you need to hurry since the pledge manager is going to last […]

  • Kentrikh eikona funded in 21 hours fials hours

    Legendary Metal Coins Season 2 Campaign is ending soon, let’s have a quick recap

    Our second campaign of Legendary Metal Coins is almost over, less than 2 days remaining and since we have been funded from Day 1, we had a chance to unlock some Stretch Goals.   Now our backers will receive 27 coins per set (instead of the original 24) and they will also have the chance […]

  • Legendary Metal Coins Season 2- live on Kickstarter

    After a succesful Kickstarter campaign in 2015, Legendary Metal Coins return for Season 2, including new exciting designs, improved shipping and new coin sizes! You have now the chance to get our new and old designs in great prices, and enrich your gaming collection receiving a better, and more immerse feeling in your games. Follow […]

  • Main Campaign Image

    Legendary Metal Coins Season 2: Kickstarter Campaign Preview

    In less than 24 hours, our second Kickstarter for our Legendary Metal Coins is going to be live! To be precise, tomorrow, Thursday, 11 February 2016, 11:00 UTC we will launch our campaign that is going to keep running until March 4 (22 days). We are excited, since it is our first project of the year, […]

  • banners site

    Legendary Metal Coins are now available through our Website

    It seems like our troubles with the post are over and every Kickstarter backer has received their coin sets by now! We are happy for all the positive messages we received about them and now we are ready to offer them through our website!

  • essen 2015 logo

    Getting ready for Essen

    With the production of the Essen copies of both Project:ELITE and our Legendary Metal Coins completed, we are now making the finishing touches to also complete packing. You are all more than welcome to come by our booth in Essen to feel the thrill playing Project:ELITE, to discover our treasures of Legendary Metal Coins and cast some […]